The whole damn Zoo!

“Don’t need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn Zoo!”

She was the goofball. And he had the the best smile. The one that made her heart beat faster and go weak in the knees. And all she had to do to fall in love with him was to be herself.  He would laugh and then smile at her. She fell hopelessly in love!


But she wasn’t the only one falling. Goofball her found a very silent admirer – him indeed. He’d tease her about everything and then keep thinking all day about her and smile throughout. He’d be sneaky and do all the little things to make her happy and be offhanded about it. But it felt like the whole damn Zoo was inside him every time she looked so happy because of him!

They kept dancing around each other believing the other would be better off with someone else not knowing that they were perfect for each other.

It was New Years eve. And her birthday too! He had to move out of town for work and it was a year and half since the last time they met. It was 3 minutes to twelve and he gave her a call asking her to come out from the party. She missed seeing him smile everyday so much it hurt. She wanted to tell him that she loved him and let go truly. And when the call came she braved herself for it and rushed out. But all was forgotten the moment she saw him!

“Five…four..three..two…one… Haaaaaaappy New Year!!!!”  

One look at him and she knew that he loved her too; he’d never let go;he was the one who would always make her feel the whole damn Zoo!

She flew into his arms staggering him backwards and hugged him so tight. He caught her securely and hugged her just as tightly back. He looked into her eyes and knew she understood.

“Happy birthday!”, he said. “I love you too”, she replied back. He gave her the smile!

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Daily Prompt: Zoo

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